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Dr. Noble was drawn to the field of orthopedics due to his mechanically inclined nature.  When he was 14 years old he began working at his neighbors' fine woodworking and custom cabinetry shop. Although he began by performing simple tasks such as stripping and refinishing furniture, he quickly proved his technical abilities and was given more training and responsibilities.  Because he attended college and medical school in his hometown, he was able to continue working at the shop for the next 12 years.  Under the apprenticeship of a German-trained master woodsmith, he too became an expert fine woodworker.  He has designed and built numerous full custom kitchens, doors, furniture, etc. One of his more interesting projects was a 45 lb. functional Rubik's cube that was featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine.  He continues to enjoy woodworking to this day.  The skills that he has developed and his attention to detail now serve his patients everyday in the operating room.

Dr. Noble is a fellowship trained, board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement procedures.  He grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia where he conveniently accomplished both his undergraduate and medical school studies.  After medical school, he completed a 5-year residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Wellspan Health in York, PA followed by an additional year of fellowship training at Tampa General Hospital, one of the busiest orthopedic hospitals in the southeast.  Dr. Noble has been practicing in Conway, SC since 2017 and was recently named by Becker's Review as one of the top 6 hip and knee replacement surgeons in the state and was integral in helping Conway Medical Center obtain their 2022 distinction as the #1 hospital in South Carolina for hip and knee replacement.  Recently featured on Device Nation Podcast, Dr. Noble is an accomplished pilot, multiple instrument musician, expert fine woodworker and technology entrepreneur.


Fully functional 10.5" maple Rubik's cube with granite inlay.

IMG_1587 (1).jpg

Custom kitchen designed and constructed from scratch by Dr. Noble using traditional cabinetry techniques

While in high school, Dr. Noble composed and recorded a country music album on which he sang and played multiple instruments.  During that time he also played numerous venues and even considered pursuing music professionally.  Although he no longer has time to play live, his album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. and he enjoys playing music with his family!

A love for aviation was born early and before he was old enough to get his pilot's license, Dr. Noble was an accomplished R/C pilot, a hobby he shares to this day with his children. Dr. Noble earned his pilot's certificate in 2003 followed shortly by his instrument rating which allows him to fly in clouds and poor visibility. He currently owns a 5 seat aircraft that he flies on a regular basis for business, leisure and charity.  He is an active pilot for Angel Flight, a non profit organization where pilots donate their time, fuel and aircraft operational costs to fly patients who need to travel long distances for medical purposes but do not have the resources to do so.  


Dr. Noble transporting Angel Flight patients

Image from iOS (8) (1).jpg

To help maintain his own aviation skills during times when he was not able to be actively flying, Dr. Noble designed and built his own flight simulator from scratch.  Ten years after that project NOBLE Flight Simulation was founded in 2016 to provide advanced flight simulation equipment to the aviation community to help pilots maintain their own level of safety and proficiency.  Dr. Noble performed all of the mechanical engineering of the hardware for his systems and today, NOBLE flight simulators are being used by pilots, flight schools and agencies all over the world.  On the orthopedic front, Dr. Noble uses his engineering skillset to help orthopedic companies design and test new joint replacement implants.  He is currently working with an orthopedic implant company to design a new partial knee replacement.


The NFS Cirrus Cockpit simulates Dr. Noble's Cirrus SR-22

IMG_7077 (1).jpg

Noble Flight Simulation production facility

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